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Perfect Gift Ideas for the Man in Your LIfe this Holiday Season

The summer has officially ended, days are getting colder and shorter, and everyone is starting to get out their warmer, winter clothes. That means the holidays are also right around the corner. Along with the holidays comes a few things to look forward to. Some of those things are holiday parties, bargain shopping sales, seeing friends and family, and likely some gifts exchanged. For the guys in the world, it can be a little “easier” to shop for their special ladies; men can be a little more particular and hard to know what they will like. To help all you ladies out there who might be struggling, here are a few ideas that are sure to impress, broken down by different types of men.


  • Garage Guys

Garage guys are usually pretty simple because when you ask them, they can never have enough tools. Try to find out what that tool is this year and fill the void before he gets a chance to buy it in the spring. You can even find winter deals at places like AutoZone, so even if he won’t need it until rainy season, you can be ahead of the rest and save some money in the process.

  • Sport Nuts

Any guy who is into sports can also be pretty easily pleased when it comes to gifts. It could be anything from a pair of tickets on SeatGeek to see his favorite team live or an autographed poster from one of his favorite athletes. Be careful when buying autographs as there are a lot of copycats. Real autographs come with a certificate of authenticity and usually a number to keep track of it, be sure to get that certificate or the autograph is essentially worthless.

  • Foodies

You’d think that foodies would be rather easy to please by treating them to a dining experience they’ve never experienced, but this can be somewhat pricey. If you have the budget, by all means, make reservations at the city’s finest restaurant, tell him to keep the night free and treat him to a meal he’ll never forget. You can have dessert at the restaurant, or possibly save some money and continue the night at home with brownies and syrup. For those without a large budget, try to recreate the experience at home. The food might not be prepared by a fancy chef, but it’s made with love, which still counts. Just focus on getting high quality ingredients and enjoying time together. For foodies, it’s always about the experience and not the material gift.

  • Travelers/Adventurers

Any kind of adventurer is pretty easy to shop for because they always have something old and worn that needs replacing. Maybe they’ve been using the same backpack since they traveled in Asia after graduating college 15 years ago, or possibly just a new bladder for the CamelBak. Regardless, just snoop around their equipment a little and see what looks most worn. Before you buy anything though, make sure they don’t have a preferred brand or fabric etc. Some people’s sweat reacts differently to different products.