Month: November 2016

Guide For Gardening Newbie

Having a healthy and beautiful garden is bliss. But, not everyone has the time and zeal to pursue their horticultural activities. If you wish to learn some simple tips that can help you have that garden of your dreams, then here you go! Read the tips mentioned below and you will never think yourself as a gardening novice again.

Tip #1 – Go for organic fertilizers

Rather than buying and using synthetic fertilizers, it is important to go for organic ones that are derived from once-living sources. Synthetic products should be avoided for all possible reasons, one of them being their characteristic to alter the soil chemistry of the plants. Thus, using organic fertilizers is a must for all the gardeners.

Tip #2 – Keep them healthy

The health of your plants depends on their roots. If the roots are healthy, the plants will be healthy too. Use soil that is rich in compost and gives enough nutrients to keep the plants healthy. You can make your own compost with various things that are found in your home, such as vegetable peelings, egg shells, garden trimmings, paper, and the rest.

Tip #3 – Let there be proper drainage

Potted plants need proper drainage. This is the reason why it is important to make drainage holes in them. Most of the plants require holes to let the water go out so that they do not drown. You can either pick pots that already have drainage holes or create them on your own.

Tip #4 – Grow vegetables, if possible

Having fresh and healthily grown vegetables right at your place is nothing less than a boon. So, if you can, then grow your own vegetables from seeds. This will not only give you a great garden, but will also help you save money and do your bit in keeping the environment safe with reduced fossil fuel emissions that are caused by transporting food in vehicles.

Tip 5 – Keep insects away

Another important tip that you can try is to plant such herbs that have a strong scent. This will help in keeping the insects away from your garden. Some of these herbs that you can include in your garden are spearmint, sage, mint, basil, fennel, etc.

Tip #6 – Get the right machinery

One of the most important tips for any gardener is to get the right machinery. There are many companies that supply high end horticultural machinery in Kent. You can contact one such company and get the most suitable machinery that can help you grow plants and trees in your garden in a convenient manner. When you get the right type of machinery from a renowned brand, you take a huge step forward towards a beautiful and healthy garden.

So, who said gardening needs huge expertise and experience? Just follow these simple tips and you will definitely find gardening a lot easier and much more fun than what it was before. You can also share these tips and help others take advantage of them and create a healthier environment to live in.

Tips To Cleaning Lily Pads

If your pond has been taken over by lily pads, you have a problem on your hand. It can be incredibly hard to get rid of these.

Have you ever wondered why the removal of these beautifully looking lily pads can be so difficult? World over, these are appreciated for their aesthetic beauty, but it can explode in a lake or pond due to its overpopulation. And when this happens, they use up oxygen needed for other pond life.

Technically, it may sound simple to remove lily pads but actual removal of lilies can be very taxing and time-consuming. There are two ways of removing lily pads, it can either be removed physically or chemically. In a pond setting it is good to get rid of them in sections or ensure aeration if treating the entire pond to ensure oxygen levels for fish.

Now let’s understand both the procedures.

Physical Removal

1. Grass Eating Carp – Grass eating carp are one way to keep aquatic vegetation down. It is recommended to maintain two small grass carp per surface acre to ensure the proper maintenance.

2. Raking – The Raking method can be difficult especially if the roots are well established but can be done early in the growth cycle.

3. Cut the lilies – The Weed Razer works great for cutting the lily pads directly at the base. This method is similar to mowing the lawn in that you will need to do it several times per season but you can often save some money over chemical treatment however it will usually take up more of your time.

Chemical Treatment

Proper treatment can surely give you best of results and ensure relatively less growth of lily pads.

1. Early Season Growth – As Aquacide Pellets are a great option early in the growth cycle because the lilies are growing very quickly and will absorb the Aquacide Pellets material relatively quickly and the roots will be dead in three weeks. Reapply in three weeks if you still notice some growth.

2. Mid to Late Season Growth – Apply the Shore Klear and Cygnet liquid concentrates and they too will kill the root system and again, may take a second dose three weeks after the first. Apply these together with water and spray the pads on a calm sunny morning without rain for six hours.

These procedures will help you in a great way while dealing with overgrown lily pads.

Best Plants For Your Garden

Nothing brings in some goodness to life like fragrant smells coming from a home garden. Better than any aerosol, plants are the all-natural way of giving you some of the most breathtaking sweet scents that you could ever smell. But some plants are better at this than others!

So, if you’re curious about which plants are the most fragrant or you want to start transforming your garden, we’ve got a list for you. Here are the top 10 plants that will make your garden sing with fragrance.

  1. Jasmine: You see it in your favourite perfumes and deodorant, so why not bring it to your home garden? Jasmine fragrances are as sweet as they are long-lasting. You’ll just keep looking for excuses to stay in your garden!
  2. Sweetshrub: Named after the Greek Goddess of love and beauty, this plant’s name says it all. They say that the smell of this plant differs for each person. Now, that’s interesting.
  3. Lavender: It is one of the most popular plants around the world grown for its smell. Why? Well, it is also the main ingredient in scented oils that promote calming and soothing sensations.
  4. Gardenia: It’s wonderful when you have sweet smelling flowers, but it’s amazing when they don’t require much maintenance and bloom quite often. That’s exactly why the Gardenia is special.
  5. Hyacinth: These plants bloom in a variety of colours like violet, pink, red and blue to name a few. Each colour has its distinctive scent and will add a layer of complexity to your garden.
  6. Lilac: Not often seen around in gardens despite being known as the queen of fragrant flowers, the Lilac could be what sets your garden apart. They are hardy and, at times, bloom 2-3 times in a year.
  7. Scented Geranium: Rather than just one plant, this is an entire family of plants that bloom with unique smelling flowers. You have the choice of over 200 varieties that can adorn and beautify your garden.
  8. Eucalyptus: No, we’re not talking about the fast-growing trees that need constant pruning. Instead, try the Eucalyptus shrubs that give off a subtle, sweet scent without taking too much of your time or effort.
  9. Sweet Bay: We always look to flowers as being the fragrant part but what if leaves could do just that, maybe even better? Sweet Bay leaves not only add a wonderful aroma to your garden but can also be used to add interesting flavours to your cooking!
  10. Rose: Saving the best for last, you can’t think of having a fragrant garden without a Rose. They are to flowers what diamonds are to gemstones, priceless and adored. A Rosebush can be the centre attraction of any fragrant garden.

All About Water Fountains

Water fountains make for a beautiful view wherever you have kept them. They can be used in outdoor gardens of your home or in your drawing rooms to add to the beauty of your indoor d├ęcor. However, it is to be noted that both the indoor and outdoor fountains differ in various aspects such as style, size, management etc. Having an outdoor fountain is a common practice, but there has been an increase in trend of getting indoor fountains. Let’s have a look at how the water fountains can add to the value of your home and why have they become a popular commodity to own.

Visually Appealing
If you are looking for ways to change the look of your home or going for a renovation, there can be no better option than getting a water fountain. It not only adds value to your home but also enhance the overall look. It gives your home the required change and exudes the feel of a luxurious lifestyle.

Fit for Every Home
You can get fountains in a variety of styles and sizes. Whether you have a huge house or a relatively smaller one, you can get a water fountain that can fit as per the requirement of your home. Whether you want a fountain for your room or for your garden,

Relaxing Feel
Indoor fountain helps in giving your home a relaxing feel and environment. After a tiring or stressful day at work, you can feel relaxed and stress-free in your home with the soothing sound of water and the visually appealing look of the indoor water fountain.

A Cure for Humidity
Indoor fountains can act as a humidifier in your home. They make for an effective cure for humidity and dryness in your homes. It provides the moistures to the air, which keeps the humidity level low. It is not only beneficial for the inmates of a home but also make for a healthy environment for plants.

Enhances Air Quality
Air quality has been a major concern for everyone owing to the increase in air pollution. Many people have air purifiers in their homes or offices to enhance the air quality. The air purifiers work by producing negative ions that attract the dust particles and remove them from the air. However, the air purifiers can cause disturbance to the inmates with the not-so-pleasant sound they make. Water fountain does exactly the same in an even more effective manner. It gives out a pleasant sound rather than the irritating sound produced by the air purifiers and also gives your house a much better look and feel.

Decor fountains whether indoor or outdoor exude classiness and can be a great source of reducing stress and tensions. It is a one time investment that you need to make in order to give your home or office the much-needed change.